Vibrant and Contemporaneity Bathed in Caribbean Light

Bright and stylish come to mind when you step inside Casa La Merced, located only doorsteps from the majestic Heredia Theater, today known as the Adolfo Mejia Theater.


Casa La Merced captures perfectly the relaxing, fresh vibe of the tropics. The grand salon right at the house entrance displays a stunning wooden ceiling, together with the traditionally elegant furnishing infused with colorful fabric, lush pops of color, and light linens curtains create a bright and chic space. The salon opens onto the pool, which seamlessly blends into the surroundings. 

The open space on the ground floor invites all of our guests to experience soothing sensations. They are just the perfect post-swim lounge areas with a mix of furniture in different natural materials, dramatic wicker lampshades, and contemporary art on the walls. 

We certainly took advantage of our rooftop by developing two Junior Suites with a sea view in this space. Our rooftop offers a privileged view of the La Merced square and its surroundings, offering a postcard-looking scenario to enjoy a sparkling sunset.


Our colonial house located towards an edge of the historic city center is just meters away from historical relevant spots, including the Ballestas Platform and the Bulwark of La Merced dated to 1617, which borders The Merced Square where the execution of several heroes of independence took place.  The square took its name from the convent of the same name, where the Heredia Theater currently stands. We agree no further explanation is necessary for the name of our house.

The property went through careful restoration and modernization, making it fit for a lavish contemporary stay. Indeed, our colonial house awakens on all guests a vibrant and warm charm. The property perfectly intertwines tropical vibes, family closeness, and local flavor. 

At Casa La Merced, we accept reservations of the following types: individual, medium house, and full house. For more information, please contact our reservations department