Quiet refinement under warm soft lights.

Leave the hustle and bustle behind and enter a true gem within the historic walled city. Casa Don Sancho has six rooms: exquisite decoration and dim lighting invite you to relax.


Casa Don Sancho invites all guests to live a wholly authentic stay with a touch of history, design, and personalized service due to our small hotel concept.

Discover a warm and welcoming atmosphere impregnated with fresh flowers in all spaces.

Natural light floods the main living room, which serves both as a living and dining room, and enhances its prominence. There is also access to a balcony overlooking the street with sea views.


According to tradition, Casa Don Sancho was the house of Don Sancho Jimeno de Orozco, a Spanish nobleman, and governor of Cartagena de Indias between 1693 and 1695. Later went on to become Lord of the Castle of San Luis on the island of Tierrabomba and heroically defended this fort during the Raid of Cartagena in 1697 by French and pirate forces of the Baron of Pointis.

As part of his legacy in Cartagena exists a street named after him, one of the most picturesque and colorful streets inside the walled city and where our historic and sublimely restored colonial mansion stands today. Casa Don Sancho and its privileged location will allow you to navigate the magical historical center at ease and immerse yourself in the vibrant Caribbean culture. 

In Casa Don Sancho, we offer three types of reservations: individual, medium house, and full house. For more information, please contact our reservations department