Room 1

On the ground floor, right next to the entrance, is our first room. A striking balance of style is displayed here, with a décor that reflects an amalgamation of international art and comfort for an unforgettable stay.

Room 2

Our small jewel is right in front of room one. Because of its size, it is the most intimate room in the entire mansion. The vertical stripes on the bed headboard create a harmonious visual effect in different shades of blue.

Room 3

Our suite is the amplest room in the villa, located on the second floor alongside the grand salon. This beautiful space is distinguished by its original walls, which are a source of contrast between the design and illumination.

Room 4

A combination of patterns and colors permeates the room décor, envisioning a retro but fresh fantasy. The teal bedside table lamps add a playful touch to the space, and the bed headboard creates added visual drama with vertical stripes in oranges, greens, and yellow shades.  

Room 5

The second biggest room from the second floor displays a black and white decor palette evoking a modern minimalist space. The weight of dark accents from the bedside table lampshades, bed headboard, and wall art effectively anchors the lighter parts, achieving a sense of equilibrium and steadiness. 

Room 6

The last room is located at the end of the corridor on the second floor, directly opposite the staircase to the rooftop. It has a small balcony suitable for your morning Colombian coffee, which overlooks the pool and from where to catch a glimpse of the cathedral tower. A soft color scheme décor creates a bright and airy atmosphere for a peaceful night’s sleep.