Magnificent island retreat with endless green and turquoise views.

A perfect blend of nature, breathtaking views, style, and design defines Agua Barú, a true secluded gem in the peninsula of Barú. A speedboat glides you to its teak pier just 50 minutes from Cartagena.


The tropical foliage and native trees, the Ciénaga de Cholón, and the charming Caribbean Sea frame our idyllic hideaway on a lush slice of Barú Island. The entire complex is carefully decorated, displaying a soothing, earthy palette, and is outfitted with stunning handicrafts made by Baruleros (islanders) and local artists.

This serene property has two distinctive areas, a Club House, which you first reach on arrival from your private boat, the secluded bungalows and the main house on the hillside. 

The main two-story building of the beach Clubhouse hosts a bar on the ground floor and an open dining area on the second floor overlooking the utter beauty of the surrounding landscape and mangrove ecosystem. Its most notable feature is its impressive roof, designed by Simón Vélez, a Colombian prize-winning architect famous for his innovative use of Guadua bamboo as a primary building component, a masterpiece within this retreat.

Complementing the rest of our sanctuary-like setting, a white-sand garden and a private dock with comfortable, large sunbeds inviting all guests to get their vitamin D fix or a refreshing splash in the warm turquoise waters.

It doesn’t matter which accommodation you choose; here the views will grab your attention and leave you breathless. 


Let the tranquility of our retreat overlooking the sheer Colombian beauty and its privileged location transport you into a state of quietness  and contemplation.

Why not travel to a whole different century? Let your imagination flow and try to picture the following historical event from your private terrace; did you know that in the waters in front of Barú, the famous Wager’s Action took place? During the War of the Spanish Succession, a British squadron under Charles Wager and the Spanish treasure fleet engaged in a naval confrontation on 8 June 1708, resulting in a British victory over the Spanish.

Its legacy was the wreck of the Spanish Galleon San José, with an inestimable historic and material value. The Colombian Navy found the ship on 27 November 2015 and claimed it as part of its submerged heritage. The location of the galleon has been classified as a state secret by Colombia.

We cannot give you the exact location of it. However, we assure you our property Agua Barú has all the assets of a treasure, with its atmosphere, views, nature contact, design, and personalized service.


At the top of the hill, amidst the houses, you will find the AGUA BARU Restaurant.

Here, you will enjoy an exceptional culinary experience that seamlessly blends with the surroundings. Our talented Chef brings to life a signature cuisine, presenting exclusive and creative dishes that bear the unmistakable stamp of Mustique.

At Agua Barú, we accept reservations of the following types: individual and full house.  For more information, please contact our reservations department